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Commission on Human Rights Philippines

No More Missing Out

The Commission on Human Rights commissioned true-to-life-sized forms of these high-profile trans murder victims, without gore or sensationalism. These were illustrated in the styles of the trans men and women’s personalities, and were formed in a way that outlined Jennifer Laude, Ebeng Mayor, and Jhie Bangkiao (based on actual photos from families) in negative space. Text in the negative space explained that they’re missing out on all the things that made their lives happy, but no one else should miss out. Which is why a national law protecting the community is needed. These true-to-life-sized forms were taken around places connected to their interests and the public got to experience trans people as not other or sensationalized, but as people who share interests and aspirations just like them.

  • Client Commission on Human Rights Philippines
  • Type of work OOH
  • Year 2022

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