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Fresh N Famous, Inc.

Chowking #WoksCooking

Chowking gave Filipinos the chance to experience what it felt like to cook with a wok. This led to the launch activation—The #GuessWoksCooking billboard. A live billboard with realistic wok flames that challenged Filipinos to guess what’s cooking inside the wok. Chowking’s goal was simple. 1) Make people curious about the wok and 2) Use the internet’s meme-mindset to turn the wok into a part of social media pop culture. And in just a few days— Social media feeds filled up with #GuessWoksCooking images. Everyone had different funny takes on the wok—from frying anime characters to gas prices to even “cooking up” votes. The memes kept on coming, creating more and more buzz about the Wok and its flames. The conversation grew bigger, as Chowking eventually revealed what’s really being cooked with the Wok—the all-new Siomai Chao Fan. Now with an all-new Smokey-Wok Sarap.​

  • Client Fresh N Famous, Inc.
  • Type of work OOH , Digital
  • Year 2022

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