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Manulife Philippines

Manulife "Kami na mag-aadjust"

Last Nov 16, 2022, Manulife launched its new e-commerce platform called Manulife Shop, which offers affordable 365 Ready life and accident insurance products that Filipinos can access conveniently online, empowering customers to choose their coverage depending on their budget. Manulife Shop aims to encourage Filipino millennials and Gen Zs to take charge of their financial priorities, because Manulife will adjust to address them. In the material, our protagonist uses familiar excuses such as “Ang ‘layo naman!,” “Wala akong kilalang financial advisor,” and “Ang mahal!” serving reasons not to get insurance. However, with each excuse comes an answer directly from Manulife, showing how the company will go above and beyond to make insurance purchase a simple and hassle-free process.

  • Client Manulife Philippines
  • Type of work Digital
  • Year 2022

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